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Those biscotti are FANTASTIC! I am ready for my subscription.


I was thrilled to use your mix today. I added almond extract and sliced almonds as directed.  What an easy mix to use with just oil and water.  There was no mess covering the counters without lots of measuring cups and spoons, dust from flour, sugar and cocoa.  I guess I could tell my friends they are homemade, without the mess.


Surprise Diagnosis

Surprise Diagnosis

"You have WHAT? That can't be, can it?"   Seriously, “You have WHAT? That can’t be, can it?” is exactly what I said when my husband came home with the craziest diagnosis. One day my husband got a check-up from the best doctor on Earth and in the course of the...

Heavy Metals Causing Havoc?

Are Heavy Metals Causing Havoc In Your Life? Where do heavy metals come from? What happens when we are exposed and what can we do about them? These are just some of the questions that we will answer in today's episode. But maybe, more importantly, by listening to this...


Years of research led to our dedication to an allergen-free lifestyle. Our products are clean and easy.


Easy baking mixes, fresh baked goods delivered to you, gifts all with the convenience of flexible subscriptions.


No one needs empty calories. We work with complete foods to create optimum nutrition for your body.

Who We Are

Hi. We’re Donna Riley & Timothy Hamilton, and we are gluten-free vegans. GluFREEgan™ began as a response to our guests’ needs at the Bed & Breakfast, House On Main Street in Williamstown, MA.  Over the years, numerous guests have come to stay with special dietary restrictions and time revealed a pattern to us. There were many of the same groups of foods that people had reason to avoid. Among them: gluten, corn, soy, animal products, dairy, and eggs. We worked to delight guests who suffer from food issues, placing a high value on family-style breakfasts all at the same table without anyone having to be singled out for their food restrictions, by creating food that tastes good to everyone. But beyond that, we realized that humans need nutrition, not additives and empty calories, so we stayed away from the traditional replacements like rice flour and gums. Instead, we carefully chose quality ingredients with high protein counts and lots of nutrients that tend to be missing from the traditional western diet. Many of our products were developed in response to the problems that our friends, family, and guests have faced. Our Dexscotti™ Detox Biscotti Bars are a great example of products developed for a specific purpose. We understand both the physical and the spiritual world of food and we endeavor to bring to you whole, tasty, energetically healthful, socially conscious, wonderfully enjoyable foods.

Now with unique facilities in both Massachusetts and Florida, we are able to serve an ever-widening area.


We have facilities in Massachusetts and Florida. Our facilities are very different from, well, any food producer, anywhere. All of our products are produced under the guidance of Licensed Spiritual Health Coaches in an energetic environment which has been specially prepared. In addition to avoiding aluminum cookware, rare crystals and programmed energy fields infuse the foods with a qualitative difference you can taste. Highly specialized equipment is used to elevate and protect the ingredients, the artistic heart, soul, and hands of the craftsmen (of all genders) who prepare our recipes and, of course, the finished product. Provisions have been taken to ensure that the journey to your door and your dining table is just as energetically guided as our process has been. Some have described our process and our food as “touched by the Divine”. We are not so presumptuous, however, when it comes to our creations, we do admit to a guiding light that defies explanation.

Sugar Free Baked Goods

With many people realizing they have problems digesting gluten, there is an ever-increasing demand for both ready-made and bake-at-home style gluten free baked goods. At GluFREEgan™, we take our commitment to allergen free living and ethical sustainable behavior one step further by offering gluten-free and vegan baked goods that are delicious, healthy, and fresh alternatives to the commonly available preservative-laden, pre-packaged products found in most grocery stores. In addition, many of our mixes and recipes are for high-quality, tasty sugar free baked goods.

We prepare all our products using wholesome, fresh, and certified gluten-free ingredients. We have spent several years perfecting thegluten free baking mixto incorporate many flavors and to work for a variety of bake-at-home recipes, ensuring that they are better for you and tastier than those made from wheat& dairy. Our great tasting vegan baking mixes make healthy living easyfor the whole family to enjoy.

Sugar can cause havoc in the body sometimes. If you have chosen to walk away from refined sugar but still love a sweet treat, we’ve got the selection for you. Several of our products have no refined sugar cane in them. Enjoy your treats and feed your body the way that suits you best!