Product of the Month

$19.95 / month

Do you find that you get into a baking rut?  Maybe you have a handful of gluten free and vegan recipes that you know work, but they’re getting a little old?  We want to help you get excited about gluten free and vegan baking again! Once a month we will send you one of our products along with some fun new recipes to try that use our baking mixes.

NO Dairy  NO Eggs  NO Gluten  NO Wheat  NO Corn  NO Soy  NO Fillers  NO Gums  NO Artificial Preservatives  NO Animal Products (100% Vegan!)


Our gluten free and vegan baking mixes can be used to make a wide variety of delicious baked goods, both savory and sweet!  Shake up your baking and let us surprise you with a new mix and recipes every month.

At GluFREEgan™, we understand the subtleties of the body.  The guiding principle of our company is that food should be yummy, and it should contribute to your overall well-being. We make our baking mixes with only the finest consciously sourced, health-enhancing, and nutritious ingredients.

Y NO Dairy Y NO Eggs Y NO Gluten Y NO Wheat  Y NO Corn Y NO Soy Y NO Fillers Y NO Gums Y NO Artificial Preservatives  Y NO Animal Products (100% Vegan!)