Gluten-Free & Vegan Spring Baking Made Easy Starter Kit


Stock up for spring!  We have put together a wonderful collection of flavorful and fruity spring recipes that are all gluten free and vegan.  This package pairs five of our great baking mixes with recipes that cover everything from breakfast to dessert and a few little snacks in between. Not only are these recipes delicious, they have an eye toward healthy eating, trying to minimize the use of processed sugar, and relying more on fruit and maple syrup for sweetness.

This great Spring Baking Made Easy Starter Kit comes with
• 2 packages Yummy Pancake Mix
• 2 packages Spiced Oats Mix
• 2 packages Easy Bread Mix
• 2 packages Cherry Vanilla Baking Mix
• 2 packages Lemon Almond Baking Mix

And one digital download of our Deluxe Spring Baking Made Easy Recipe Book.  Now you can have a great collection of our favorite Spring gluten free and vegan recipes all in one place.


Our gluten free and vegan Spring Baking Starter Kit comes with 2 packages of each mix featured in our new Spring Baking Recipe Collection.  That’s enough to make something for yourself and something for someone you love.

What Makes Us Different?

At GluFREEgan™our guiding principle is that food should be delicious and it should make your body feel good.  We choose ingredients that deliver on that promise of flavor and wellness.  We make our baking mixes and baked goods with only the finest consciously sourced, health-enhancing, and nutritious ingredients.