Chocolate Baking Mix


Originally developed to create the perfect gluten-free and vegan chocolate biscotti, our Chocolate Baking Mix is highly versatile.  Use it as a jumping off point for countless chocolatey treats, from crispy chocolate sandwich cookies to decadent mocha cake.  Our Chocolate Baking Mix provides the gluten-free and vegan base to any chocolate goodies you can dream up.  

We make our mixes with only the finest ingredients which are consciously sourced, health-enhancing, and nutritious.

Plus, only 75 calories per serving (baked).

(package makes one loaf which provides 15+ servings{or slices})

NO Dairy  NO Eggs  NO Gluten  NO Wheat  NO Corn  NO Soy  NO Fillers  NO Gums  NO Artificial Preservatives  NO Animal Products (100% Vegan!)


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In a fast-paced, over processed world, sometimes you just need to take a breath and make a tasty treat that leaves you feeling better than when you began.  Our Chocolate Baking Mix provides you with a jumping off point to a whole world of chocolatey desserts.

Our baking mixes have taken the hassle out of gluten-free baking; no more making sure your pantry is stocked with a multitude of flours and starches.  GluFREEgan’s™ custom gluten-free flour blend is built on protein-rich sources, helping you to make desserts that are delicious and nutritious.

What makes us different?

At GluFREEgan™, we understand the subtleties of the body.  The guiding principle of our company is that food should be yummy, and it should also contribute to your overall well-being. We make our baking mixes with only the finest consciously sourced, health-enhancing, and nutritious ingredients.  

The health benefits of our ingredients

  • Chocolate Chocolate is the tastiest way to support your body’s health (IMO). It improves heart health, blood pressure, and blood sugar.  Chocolate has also been shown to improve cognitive function, helping you to think clearer. It also has potential cancer-preventing properties.
  • AlmondsAlmonds are celebrated for cholesterol reduction.  They are actually helpful for weight loss goals and can reduce overall calorie intake 1
  • Golden Flaxseed MealGolden Flaxseed Meal is protein packed and full of fiber and omega 3 fatty acids (brain-food).   Flaxseeds help guard against several common health problems including: high blood pressure, skin cancer, depression, liver disease, high cholesterol, prostate cancer, blood sugar imbalances, joint inflammation, constipation, and menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and bone loss.
  • Bean Flours – Bean flours are the basis of many of our mixes. The delicate combination that we have developed provides well-rounded proteins, specially formulated to meet the needs of vegans and gluten-free eaters.

Y NO Dairy Y NO Eggs Y NO Gluten Y NO Wheat  Y NO Corn Y NO Soy Y NO Fillers Y NO Gums Y NO Artificial Preservatives  Y NO Animal Products (100% Vegan!)


Autoship Available


Chocolate Baking Mix

ALL GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN Ingredients: DR GF Flour Mix (garbanzo bean flour, almond flour, fava bean flour, flaxmeal*) cane sugar*, cocoa powder, cream of tartar, baking soda, Gobs of Unconditional Love*



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